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Wing Card Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How many wings will I receive at each place? 
A: You will receive one single order of wings at each place (ie. that restaurant's smallest order or wings).

Q: If the card is $49 for 20 restaurants, what is the actual value & benefit of the wings?
A: They will receive a single order of wings at each of the 20 locations. This would be roughly $2.50 for an order of wings that typically costs $8-$10 per order.

Q: Am I required to purchase anything else? 
A: No

Q: May I order ahead of time for takeout? 
A: No, it's dine in only.

Q: Am I limited to what style or flavor of wings? 
A: No

Q: Is there a restriction on the days and times the card will be honored? 
A: No, the card is good any time through August 31, 2017

Q: Can the card be used with other discounts or promotions?
A: No

Q: How much is shipping & handling for the card?
A: No charge

Q: How many restaurants are on the card?
A: 20

Q: Are tax & gratuity included?
A: No